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Are you looking to go beyond your comfort zone, to learn every day, to feel good at work ? ACENSI Belgium has three main business units and thousands of work opportunities every year!

At ACENSI Belgium, we consider that integrating a business unit does not necessarily mean to stay there for the rest of your career. On the contrary, our consultants can benefit of our work opportunities to move from one business unit to another, or to one position to another… from one continent to another ! Our philosophy: allow everyone to develop its own style… Multi-skilled ? Passionate about your area of expertise ? Senior manager, or aiming to become one ? We are waiting for you!


Proximity is centre to our culture. We listen carefully to our staff members and clients; and strive to provide a response in adequation with their needs.


Convinced that our success is achieved by the work and the talent of our staff members, we greatly value the knowledge, but also to the social skills of our consultants.


Innovation is a key driver of development since our beginnings, allowing us to always be a step ahead on technologies which will revolutionise soon our everyday lives.

Get involved in the Group

Get involved in the life of the company through numerous challenges (cooptation, writing blog articles...). You can become an "ACENSI Belgium Ambassador" and thus become the reference. You will also have the opportunity to attend our monthly Meet-Up with one or more specialists on a given topic. You can also develop your experience by getting involved in the organization of technical fairs and forums such as the "French Cybersecurity Days". A virtual forum organized in partnership with the French-Belgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Accompany our HR team to animate thematic workshops in the partner schools of ACENSI Belgium: ULB, EPHEC, UCLouvain, Solvay Business School, Epitech Brussels.


Become a member of the #TeamACENSI

At ACENSI BELGIUM, we believe in the power of challenge, competition and solidarity. Join us for dynamic afterwork sessions and sports activities. Bond, have fun and make a difference! Relax at our friendly afterwork sessions and take part in exciting group activities. We encourage exchange, creativity and team spirit, creating a positive atmosphere within our company.
By supporting associations through our sporting activities, we combine competition with social impact. Push your limits and contribute to causes that are close to your heart. Together, we form a united team, ready to take on any challenge. Join us at ACENSI BELGIUM to experience unforgettable moments, make a difference and have fun.

Would you like to share your passions, your profession, a technology or a methodology?

The ACENSI Belgium team is at your side to provide logistical support and organise your own themed workshops.

Fancy an adventure? Come and experience the ACENSI Spirit!


Brussels: a city where conviviality and culture go hand in hand!

Welcome to Brussels, the friendly city par excellence! Located in the heart of Belgium, Brussels, where our agency is based, offers you a unique cultural experience, with hospitality around every corner.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant evenings of Brussels by taking part in the activities and afterworks organised by ACENSI BELGIUM, where culture takes centre stage. Via ACENSI, you can attend enchanting concerts, discover captivating dance performances, and be carried away by screenings of independent or classic films.
But Brussels is also a gastronomic epic. Taste the delights of Belgian cuisine, from savoury moules-frites to crispy waffles, and don't miss out on the world-famous Belgian beers thanks to our organised tastings.
TIP: lose yourself in the picturesque alleyways of the historic district to discover hidden treasures and charming cafés where you can relax with a Brussels coffee.
Join ACENSI BELGIUM and let yourself be enchanted by its warm and welcoming atmosphere!

Our learning center

Our training policy (ALC catalog) is based on the development of our employees' skills through training courses leading to diplomas and certifications.

The establishment of partnerships allows us to benefit from a very good reactivity in the solutions brought to the needs of our employees. The objective is to respond quickly to training requests while adapting to the planning constraints of our consultants on client projects. We have also favored accredited organizations in order to allow our consultants to obtain diplomas and certifications at the end of most training courses.
In 2021, 76% of the training courses in which our employees participated led to a degree or certification.

Skill Up Course

Our ALC training center supports you as soon as you are hired or during inter-project periods through our Skill Up courses.
These training courses, alternating theory and practical projects, last between 2 and 8 weeks depending on the profile and give access to recognized certifications.

Internal trainers and referents

We have our own team of trainers and referents dedicated to the training of our employees.
This team is made up of consultants who have become experts in their field and who are involved in the design and delivery of training courses as well as in the follow-up of our employees at every stage of their career.

Training during the inter-project period

At the end of each mission, a skills assessment is set up with our consultants in order to identify the most appropriate professional development or orientation objectives.
We then set up targeted actions to accompany each consultant in his or her progress or evolution towards a new profession.

Become an actor of your career!

Our ALC training center accompanies you at every stage of your career to enable you to develop your skills with complete peace of mind.
We have areas entirely dedicated to professional training and referents for each profession who are dedicated to the support and coaching of our employees.
We also have our own e-learning training platform developed by our subsidiary ANEMA, allowing us to provide our employees with training content designed by our consultants.

Discover our learning center


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