Our Expertise


"Traditional" companies in major sectors such as banking, insurance, energy and services are seeing their business model disrupted by information technology. Some are reinventing themselves, modifying their business model or changing their market.

The objective is to adapt to a rapid evolution of regulations, mentalities, technologies, and to allow the creation of new offers. How does ACENSI Belgium support its clients in this transformation?

Consulting advice


The specific knowledge of the key operations of our clients is the starting point of our service offer, and a major factor of project success. The engagement of ACENSI Belgium: make digital transformation a strategic part of our business model.

Application building


Our consultants have a deep knowledge of the most innovative technologies so that we build together, with agility, IT solutions best adapted to your operations.

Data Science


To be able to identify, put together, and analyse highly valuable data is a major challenge whose achievement leads to a competitive edge on a competitive market.

Agility & Security


IT transformation is at the core of our information system. It must be reliable, secure, available and adaptable. The ACENSI staff members use their expertise in tools and services to allow the continuous control and monitoring of our IT.

A company structure built on specialised entities


ACENSI is composed of three internal business units each specialised in a specific sector. These entities allow us to bring expert solutions to our clients, perfectly adapted to each industry. This work organisation also brings advantages for our staff members: according to their interests, they can specialise in one sector, or move to another industry if they wish.

Bank & Finance

Since over 10 years, ACENSI Belgium supports the largest banking and financial institutions in the definition and execution of their strategic projects of IT systems transformation.

Energy & Utilities

Our Energy & Utilities team provides technical and functional assistance on all work cycles of the transport and energy operators, but also in Design, Build & Run, Network architecture, IT systems, applications, Dual expertise…


Our expert team members are a source of solutions for all the scientific and technical challenges, and facilitate industrial project management.


Our team members provide the technical assistance to set up a functional IT system for all our clients.

Insurance & Social Security

Our IT knowledge contributes to the evolution of the IT infrastructure of specific business areas (Savings, Health, Risk Prevention) which are impacted by changing regulations. A focus is given on the customer path and digital support (cross-canal, web, mobility, dematerialisation…).

Public Sector

We intervene with the Flemish Government, the European Institutions, the National Office of Social Security, the FPS Justice and many other public institutions in the framework of direct legal proceedings or as a partner in a consortium.


We support our clients in the retail sector on their digital transformation projects (website development, smartphone and tablet development), the setting of collaborative platforms, cross-channel strategies, and supply chain management; either on Build or Run stages.

Telecom & Media

Since 2003, our consultants support network operators in the challenges of digital transformation and customer relationship.

Our fixed-price offers


The aim of our missions and the modalities of the service externalisation varies from one project to another. For our clients’ information technology department, the best compromise between cost and services is often a fixed-price contract.

ACENSI Belgium offers its clients a support service with a commitment of results. This can be in the form of fixed price or work package services in compliance with your SLAs and KPIs. We also offer you an adapted support on your cost structure: from in-situ to nearshore.

Secured Infrastructure


ISO 27001, 9001 & 14001

Dedicated tools